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Michael Beckworth

Susan Newton with Rev. Michael Bernard Beckwith of the Agape International Spiritual Center in 2007 at the JRI Modern Magic even in Kona Hawaii.

Do you feel as if life is happening to you instead of for you and by you? Do you have more questions than answers about your own life?
Reclaim your empowerment as you learn to become aware of the role your playing. The one thing which you have control over in this world is your choice to BE present in and with ALL of your life relationships and circumstances. It’s time for you to consciously choose the role you are playing. Together, we can shift your perceptions, be empowered and write your new script of life. Learn more>>

Susan Newton is a Self Empowerment Mentor, Medium, interactive Verbal Channel, Certified Stress Management Consultant, Interpersonal Relationship and NLP Specialists, Mediator (Alternative Dispute Resolution), spiritual medium, and spiritual counselor. Learn more about Sue>>

Living in the Light
Spiritual Self Help Book
Endorsed by Hay House Author and New York Times best selling author, Eldon Taylor.

"It’s a great book.  The bottom line is, I don’t give a lot of commendations, I write very few forwards, in fact I’ve written (only) one other forward.  I’ve had plenty of opportunities, but the material has to be material that resonates, for all intensive purposes, you can really get behind and say “this book has great value” this book lists people while it educates people. Where I come from, I believe our that intellect, our intelligence is a gift. Clifton Fadiman once said “and God plagued man with the ability to think.  That is an interesting way to look at it, it is either a plague or a gift. I choose the  gift. It is too easy for people to stop thinking and get into automatic mode, a mindless mode and just follow. Especially when it comes to things like ESP, Para psychology and spiritual matters. You bring a very level headed, down to earth, solid look at that material.  I was pleased and honored to have the opportunity to write your forward."

What's new with Sue!
Susan has been featured in The Spirited Woman's Top 12 Pick List for 2013. This group honors talented spirited women across the world and is a leading international women's empowerment community. Visit to find out more.

Susan's book, Living in the Light, is also being featured by the Spirited Women in their Top 12 Pick Book list. This list is filled with books that will uplift and inspire you and help your new intentions soar.To read a synopsis of the book as well as view the other 11 books on the list, Click Here.

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